Dipna and Tejas Dighe

Two Lives Woven into One.

Where can I begin to tell our story? It all started during a short trip to my brother's place, when my friend Rishi Karwa (One of the founders of Marwadishaadi.com), suggested me to meet a boy for marriage. I had recently started the hunt for my better half and this decision couldn't have coincided better with this suggestion. He insisted that Tejas and me would get along very well as we had similar family backgrounds, values and mindsets. Rishi knew Tejas for some time now through their Badminton group. Little, did I know then that the suggestion would turn out to be true? So then I agreed. He helped us connect and that's how I met Tejas in Dubai. It took us a few meetings and long telephonic conversations to realize we connected so well, just like Rishi had insisted. I started and ended the hunt for my life partner with the 1st Man I met. I am very thankful to Rishi, our cupid, to judge us so well and help bring us together. All this happened while www.marwadishaadi.com was in its development phase. One will always find their destined partner but finding him/her through the "Sutradhar" quickens the search. Irrespective of the fact that we are not Marwadi's, I would like to emphasize the important role that the 'Sutradhar' plays to find one's soulmate. In my opinion, Marwadishaadi aims to be that 'connecting link' in your life.