Profile Management

How can I create a new profile on the Marwadishaadi.com matrimonial service?

How do I edit my matrimonial profile ?

Can I change any/all of the profile information while modifying my matrimonial profile ?

Can I change my email address after registering with Marwadi Shaadi and creating my profile ?

Will I be searchable online through Google, Yahoo etc ?

Are there any special tips and tricks to make a matrimonial profile that's popular?

Can I De-activate my matrimonial profile temporarily ?

Is it necessary to attach a photo to my matrimonial profile? How can I attach a photo to my profile?

Partner Search – Searching and matching profiles

How can I search for my partner on Marwadi Shaadi Matrimonial? What are the search options available?

Special Features:
Online Chat

What is Marwadi Shaadi online chat facility ?

As a FREE member can I be part of Marwadi Shaadi messenger?

How do I initiate a chat?

Online Chat

Why is it important to match horoscopes for marriage?

What principles are checked while matching compatibility for marriage?

What is the guarantee of the horoscope matching on Marwadi Shaadi?

Membership Packages and Special Services

What are the benefits of a FREE membership ?

What is the meaning of Premium Membership ?

What is Personalized Messaging ?

Can I avail discounts while purchasing premium memberships ?

How can I renew / upgrade my membership ?

Payment Options

How can I place an order for a Premium Service of Marwadi Shaadi ?

Payment Options

What are the different ways of payment accepted by Marwadi Shaadi?

Online Options

Is online Credit Card payment on Marwadi Shaadi Matrimonial secure ?

Is online Credit Card payment on Marwadi Shaadi Matrimonial secure ?

Can I pay using a Debit Card?

How long does it take to activate my matrimonial account after I place an order?

What is the refund policy of the Marwadi Shaadi matrimonial service?

Need help in your partner search?